Monday, October 5, 2015

Instagram is something that I have steered clear of for a while, not wanting to add one more thing to my life, but my kids convinced me to try it for a new way of marketing my work, and guess what: I LOVE it!!! I love seeing other people's wonderful art work and then learn how they are using it to market their own work.  I am spending way too much time there, I tell you.

Using hashtags was my lesson today: To help people go to your site, tag a word(s) in the description area and it will be searchable. To do this,  type a # sign and then a word or two words with no spaces, then use a space and repeat as many words as you deem are pertinent to you product. When you do this, people can go to the search bar, type hopefully your tag word and your name will pop up for them to go click. Most of you already know this but for the few, like me, who didn't, here you go.

My daughter also said not to post too often or it will seem "creepy".  Interesting!!!

 If you have any suggestions for me, I would really appreciate any and all comments.

Oh, one more thing I did,  I added my etsy address under my photo so people could go there and maybe buy my work there.  I only have one item right now, but one is better than none. This is my journey starts with one step!

Take care

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