Friday, April 10, 2015

I wanted to let you all know about a wonderful blog/podcast that I have just recently found and enjoyed. It is called, '"Elise gets Crafty".  At first I did not want to listen to it because I don't really do tons of crafts. I like to consider my art a Fine Art, not a craft, even though I know that anything you do in any media can be elevated to a Fine art. ( I saw the coolest portrait done in crayon) ...but  I digress .... Elise's blog is really about creating or starting a business and ways that you can improve your marketing. She also talks about how to get creative, the best way to blog, strategies, and stuggles ect.... Oh, and did I say she has A Lot of podcasts! On top of that, she is really interesting and fun to listen to. Go to to listen to her. She has inspired me to try to use my blog for my business. Hope you also enjoy her podcasts!!